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Hello World!

Hello World!

My name is Hugh Chapman and I recently retired from my day job to become a full-time watercolor artist, illustrator, and instructor. Actually, I’ve been an artist almost all of my whole 52 years after being inspired by my Dad who was a draftsman (think Autocad without the computer) and reading Tintin comics as early as I can remember. My Father would draw landscapes on tree funguses with a burnt wooden match (you would be amazed how good they were) and Tintin, of course, ignited the fire of art and adventure in many a boy my age. I went to college for Design and Illustration in Vancouver, BC Canada in my twenties and was soon swept into the design rat-race of the newly public Internet in the mid-nineties and it kept me gainfully employed until very recently. It was fun! To begin with. The profession has lacked its original creativity lately and I became disillusioned so I resolved to move on to all the things I wanted to do before I had more need of money.

I am passionate about the artist’s life and I hope the website will convey that to you and many other readers. It is a proven path to Happiness and the world needs more artists. I hope to create a positive community of artists and appreciators with this website and welcome your questions, your insights, and your support!

To the future,


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