2019 is almost in the can and 2020 is right around the corner. It wasn’t a bad year … I accomplished a lot … just not much on the goals I had set, sadly. I learned a lot in 2019. Mostly what not to do. So now is the time to recalibrate and get the bus back on the road.

In retrospect, I was not ready to get started on the comic books yet, so I spent much of the year taking on projects and sharpening the saw. You can catch up on most of my 2019 projects on my Instagram account @hughdidit_art and following the thread of posts here. 

For 2020, I’m ready to go on Hakker and this is how I’m going to clear the decks to get it done. Much of 2019 was about building an audience, and I have built a base of about 500 true fans over the last year but they’re all over the place. First thing is to get them all on Patreon instead of splitting my efforts between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Starting today I will be posting as close to every day on Patreon as I can and I’ll be sharing those on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to draw my audience here. ¬†Along the same lines, my advertising spend is going to be adjusted to focus on Patreon.

So watch out for more content and consistent rewards in 2020 and follow along as I’m creating Hakker. Consider subscribing to get more than just general announcements. Great content starts at just $1