My #illustration a day for today is some more #ink #practice with a full #avengers #comicbook page. This is a detail of #wolverine from #xmen. #hughdidit #imakecomics

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Drama is an oft-overlooked quality in one’s artwork. I remember a DaVinci principle I read in a textbook many years ago that (hopefully) resonates in my art.  I am certainly conscious of it every time I put pen to tablet. That is his principle of Psychological Unity. All art – even a bowl of fruit – is humanistic in its foundation and therefore your art must connect on a human level. Drama is an important element of that connection. I look at every composition as a three-act play to set up the drama. There is usually a beginning, middle, and end and I try to get your eye to follow it in that order. There is much, much more to drama than that but if you’re looking for more on the topic I recommend The Art of Dramatic Writing by Lajos Egri. It’s about writing but it all applies to any kind of art really. Yes, it’s on audible! 

Do you try to add principles of drama to your artwork?